Jessica LaShawn is a blogger and founder of Mogul Academy,  an organization that assists underserved youth around the globe with specific interests in philanthropy and business. She recently volunteered at East Village Youth Program as part of JA Entrepreneurship Month in November.

What prompted you to get involved? I love engaging students and sharing my story to inspire youth.

Why do you think programs like JA are important for today’s youth? Programs like this allow youth to see physical examples of success and greatness. I never knew certain things were possible until I met someone that wasn’t afraid to take a chance and they became successful afterwards.

How did you feel when you started teaching in a JA classroom? I love sharing my story and giving advice on how to use your gifts. Sadly, society focuses more on everyone’s flaws and less on everyone’s talents. Teaching this allowed me to show that everyone has a gift!

What do you hope the students remember from their JA experience? All passion and talent is profitable!

Would you want to volunteer with JA again in the future? YES, because the program is awesome!

Thank you, Jessica, for volunteering with JA and inspiring youth!