Junior Achievement taught me how to become more of a professional, how to connect academic and community life in a world of finance and professionalism, as well as a scholarship. The financial assistance of the scholarship and knowledge I gained as a result of my experience with JA continues to impact my life, and for this I am incredibly grateful.

2016 JA Scholarship Winner, Mia Baker from Valparaiso, Indiana


Providing over $100,000 to exceptional students

Each year, JA gives thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards to exceptional students who have participated in JA programs. This past year, we awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships and awards to 24 outstanding high school students. The top award, the Colonel Henry Crown Scholarship, provides $40,000 over the course of four years at an accredited college and includes a paid summer internship at a Henry Crown affiliated company. Please read the Scholarship Descriptions 2017 to determine your eligibility.



Important Dates:

Deadline (Postmarked by): Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Finalists will be notified by April 21, 2017

Winners will be announced at the May Board Meeting (May 24, 2017)




Scholarships Available:

  • Henry Crown Scholarship (4 available): $40,000 over 4 years ($10,000/year) and includes summer internships at a nonprofit organization supported by Crown Family Philanthropies; must complete a JA high school program; Applicants are to complete the Henry Crown Scholarship Application 2017
  • General JA Scholarship (several available): $1,000-$5,000 available;  must complete a JA high school program; Applicants are to complete the same application as Henry Crown Scholarship Application 2017
  • High School Heroes Scholarship (several available): $1,000 available; must participate in a high school program and the High School Heroes program; Applicants are to complete the High School Hero Student Application & Essay Description 2017