JA students are significantly more likely than their peers to believe that they would graduate from high school, pursue post-secondary education and graduate from college.

Junior Achievement of Chicago offers over $100,000 to studentsstudentsparents

Junior Achievement of Chicago offers local scholarship awards to students based on qualities such as achievement, leadership, career
potential, and financial need.  Winners of JA scholarships are also selected on the basis of scholastic ability, participation in a Junior Achievement program, and organizational or extracurricular activities. Learn more.

Service Learning for High School and College Students

 Through JA’s High School Heroes program and University Model program, students learn to lead by taking charge and teaching the activity-based Junior Achievement curriculum in local elementary schools. Program participants develop presentational skills and act as role models for younger students. Send an email to info@jachicago.org to learn more.

We provide programs from kindergarten through high school.

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Additional Student Resources

JA USA Scholarships JA USA also offers scholarships to students.

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JA USA Student Center

The JA Student Center is an online resource for high school students. At the JA Student Center, you can explore careers, find colleges, learn how to pay for college, get tips on managing money, and discover how to plan a business.

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