“The Junior Achievement Program in a day is a wonderful experience for all Melrose Park students. It teaches students concepts they can apply on a daily basis. Melose Park School hopes to continue having the opportunity to offer JA for years to come.” Maribel Taboada, Principal

Educators are critical to the success of Junior Achievement! Our comprehensive curriculum, developed in partnership with educators, reinforces and supplements national common core requirements from kindergarten through high school.


Correlations with Common Core Standards

Common Core State Standards Correlation English/Language Arts and Mathematics Standards:

By inviting JA into your classroom, you gain access to programs that reinforce your class curricula, while empowering students to believe in themselves. Junior Achievement helps your students envision the possibilities of what they can be by helping them see the value of staying in school. Our interactive curriculum engages and excites students, leading to stronger critical thinking and decision-making skills and more confidence.

Educators consistently tell us that the JA programs are easy to integrate and have significant impact. Our programs are delivered at no cost to participating schools and students.

What Teachers are Saying about JA

The students are much more forward thinking now about careers and work. [The] outside prospective and engaging lessons and discussion were a much needed component to helping our students think about work and careers.
- Julie, special education teacher
It’s never too early to be exposed to future career opportunities and JA makes it fun.
- Al, 8th grade teacher
Our high school students have so enjoyed JA speakers who come with real world skills and experience to share.  In all the years of partnering with JA, we have never been disappointed with the quality of their presenters.
- Gilda, high school teacher
I enjoyed the program as much as my students.
- Beth, 6th grade teacher

Preparation for the Real World:

95% of teachers report that students who participate in Junior Achievement have a better understanding of how the real world operates, and nine out of 10 teachers and volunteers agree or strongly agree that JA programs connect what is learned in the classroom to the outside world.

Educator-Respected and –Recommended:

96% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend JA to a colleague or friend.